LASIK and Cornea

The latest LASIK laser technology and corneal treatments

LASIK / Cornea

LASIK and PRK are the most well-known types of laser vision correction. They are safe laser procedures which have helped millions of people see better without glasses or contact lenses. After laser vision correction, patients can see clearly upon and can enjoy the freedom to participate in sports and do not have to deal with the hassles of contact lenses or spectacles.

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LASIKIn LASIK, a thin, horizontal flap within the cornea is created that remains attached on one edge. This flap is lifted and the laser is used to sculpt the cornea beneath the surface. The flap is then replaced and stays in place without stitches. Typically, there is very little discomfort and very short recovery time after LASIK.

The only way to ascertain whether you are a good laser vision correction candidate is to undergo a refractive consultation. At Greenwich Ophthalmology Associates and our partner organization, Fairfield County Laser Vision, all LASIK and refractive surgery is performed by Dr. Suresh Mandava. He is one of the few refractive surgeons in the country who has performed tens of thousands of Complete LASIK procedures. "Complete LASIK" means that Dr. Mandava performs the consultation, screening, measurements, surgery, and post-operative care for every patient. This ensures that every patient receives the best care and has the best visual results.

In addition, Dr. Mandava is a fellowship-trained specialist in corneal diseases. He routinely treats complicated corneal disorders such as keratoconus and Fuchs disease. He is one of the few doctors in the area who routinely performs complicated corneal transplant surgery.