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A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens inside the eye. The most common symptoms are blurry vision, glare from headlights during night driving, and difficulty with reading. Everybody who lives long enough develops cataracts. Certain factors may accelerate cataract formation such as trauma, smoking, excessive sunlight exposure, and diabetes.

Surgery is the only definitive treatment for cataracts. Most patients have significantly improved vision after the procedure. The most popular technique is called phacoemulsification, a process in which ultrasound safely breaks up the cataract. Once the cataract is removed, a replacement artificial lens (intraocular lens or IOL) is placed in the eye. IOL's are made of safe materials that last a lifetime without need for replacement.

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In recent years, there have been many exciting new advances in intraocular lens technology. Now, newer "premium" IOL's can improve distance vision and also reduce presbyopia (loss of reading vision) or astigmatism.

At Greenwich Ophthalmology Associates, our cataract surgeons are experts in small-incision, "no stitch" cataract surgery. Dr. Suresh Mandava and Dr. Gina Gladstein are some of the most experienced cataract surgeons in the region. They approach every surgery in an individualized manner and will help each patient understand which intraocular lens options will offer the best visual results.

FAQ about Cataract Surgery
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