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Joe Forte

Joe Forte, LDO, FCLSA


New York State Licensed Optician and Contact Lens Specialist since 1982



Connecticut Licensed since 2007



A Fellow of the Contact Lens Society of America



Masters in Contact Lens Technology and Advanced Certification from the National Contact Lens Examiners


Board Certified

A Certified Optician from the American Board of the Opticianry since 1982


Joe was the program director of the Interboro College of Opticianry in Manhattan from 1984-1992.



Joe Forte, LDO, FCLSA

Specialty: Contacts Lens Specialist

“Until I saw Joe Forte, the Contact Specialist at Greenwich Ophthalmology this winter. He changed my life! He worked miracles to find the best fitting, most comfortable wearing contact lenses that I have ever worn. To top it off, the lenses have given me the best vision I have ever had in my life since I began this long journey with contact lenses. I am so grateful to wake up each day without the dread of putting my contact lenses in. I finally understand when people tell me that they don't even feel like they are wearing anything at all. If you are searching for a phenomenal contact lens specialist, Joe Forte is the man to see. I am forever grateful.”

-Allison G.

He has been with Greenwich Ophthalmology since 2010. See more about him at; he has been a speaker for ten years and prior to that at Optifair, Vision Expo, and for numerous state societies.

Joe specializes in “hard to fit” cases including keratoconus, post LASIK irregular corneas, high astigmatism, presbyopia and pediatric fitting.

“I've been fitting contact lenses for many years and the aspect of my job that I love the most is helping people to see better. There is no greater personal reward than to achieve that goal.”